About Big Bear House of Jerky Big Bear, CA

About Big Bear House of Jerky Big Bear, CA
Big Bear House of Jerky Big Bear, CA

Home of the best jerky in any house! In Big Bear Village since 1998!

About Our Jerky

Ours is the highest quality Beef, Buffalo, Venison, Turkey, Ostrich, Elk, Salmon, and Alligator Jerky available. Our jerky is made the old fashioned way: sliced from premium whole cut lean meat. It is not ground, chopped, processed or formed. Our Jerky also has no preservatives! Our products are always made fresh with no preservatives or MSG added. Our superior flavor comes from the mix of seasoning and the marinating process.

Gourmet Beef Jerky

Gourmet Jerky
* House of Jerky's® unique recipes ensure exceptional taste and quality
* No Preservatives
* No Artificial Colors We ship our jerky free of charge
* No Nitrites
* No MSG
* No Flavor Enhancers
* High Protein - Low Fat
* Our Jerky is made from Grade A, USDA inspected meats
* USDA approved, licensed and daily inspected facility

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